Scientific Thinking

IMG_9282The best physical conditions that I can think and process information under are quiet, cool temperature, and open spaces. So it is actually perfect to sit outside with Rosie and observe her and her being.

Its seventy four degrees today and Rosie’s bark is tough to the touch and light brown. Her leaves are already starting to change, one of the first trees on Morgan Field Quad. Sitting under the tree and looking up, her leaves make a canopy of green and light yellow, they almost feel as if they are protecting me from something, definitely the sun, but it feels like a protection from something else too.

There are multiple trees around her but none as grand or tall. She houses dozens of squirrels, they run up and down the trunk as if they are racing each other. Gathering and gathering some more for the cold that is approaching. People look at me a lot as I sit at the bottom of Rosie’s trunk, she is right next to the bike rack so she sees a lot of people everyday- some walk right past, others stop and look.

It’s starting to smell like fall too, the bark has no real intense smell, but the mulch around it smells like summer fields and blueberry picking.

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