Sounds of Rosie

IMG_9283As I sit with Rosie, the birds chirp some and acorns fall from surrounding trees but mainly the sounds come from the people walking by, the laughter and footsteps, the frisbee games and bikers. I get more of an emotional response from the human created modern sounds because they remind me of friends and family members. The sound of birds always invoke a sense of comfort in me because my whole life, growing up there is a huge tree outside my room window that birds settle and nest. Every morning of the spring they would wake up and chirp, and even though I hated it at the time because I value my sleep, whenever I hear birds chirping, I think about my room at home.

Listening to people laugh or watching friends walk by invoke an emotion of happiness, to know that I have good friends and people who love me on this campus, my home away from home.

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