Sunny Day

IMG_9292Today is so sunny. Today is beautiful, there are squirrels running around and birds flying everywhere, it is an awesome day to just sit on the quad with Rosie. I pulled over a red adirondack chair to sit by Rosie but today I decided to sit a few feet away so I could really see her whole being and it was a different perspective than I have had as a whole. I see Owen sitting with his tree over by Morgan Hall, because today is perfect. There are dozens of kids playing frisbee, touch football, and spike ball out on the quad today. Enjoying what it seems like will be some of the last real warmth before winter hits like a train.

Today the leaves are red, my favorite color, and the color of fall. They slowly fall as I sit here watching them in silence, watching the sun shine through the remaining ones on the branches still. It gives off a vibe of warmth, the exposure to nature I have had while watching Rosie today is phenomenal. Three squirrels in particular have been running up and down the tree jumping from branch to branch.

It was hopeful today, even though the leaves were so bright because they were about to fall off and die, it made me realize that I would not be thankful for fall if we did not experience the cold and harshness of winter.

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