Changing Colors

October 23

Its late fall and Sandy’s leaves are just starting to change. Some other trees on the academic quad have full lost their leaves. Although it’s almost Halloween the weather has been pretty mild. Last weekend the weather was relatively cold, it back to being in the 60. This might explain the lack of color change in her leaves. It’s odd to see a tree with so little color change at this point in the year. There is another European breach tree on the quad, and its leaves are almost fully changed and starting to fall.  All around me I can see the environment preparing it’s self for winter. Squirrels are extremely active, the grass is turning less and less green. Other tress are string their process of hibernation. I’d love to say sandy is following the pattern of wild life around her, but she isn’t. The few leaves that are changing, are changing texture as well.  What use to be waxy and thick leaves are now almost paper thin and have lost their waxy cover. They are what I, with no scientific evidence, would concerned dead. They are very bright yellow and orange. They are a sharp contrast to the rest of the tree, which is mostly grey at this point. I wonder when the rest of the leaves will change?

-Maggie Dougherty

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