Second Field Note

After my first day of field notes, I was pretty excited to get back to my tree and just chill for a half hour. I had a stressful week with soccer, numerous exams, and a drive to Philadelphia to pick my girlfriend up at the airport.

It was early november. Isa (my girlfriend) and I walked out of my dorm and immediately were hit by the gleaming sun. It was fairly warm and everyone I saw were wearing t-shirts and pants. On the walk over to my tree I noticed one student with no shirt or shoes on casually walking into the library. As I stepped onto Morgan field, I saw my beautiful tree in the distance. Though most leaves still hung on the tree, there were many that were scattered on the ground. Isa and I sat under my tree and I immediately realized my tree was extremely hot to touch. I think that she had a fever but it also could of been the sun shining on the trunk for the whole day. The leaves were not doing a great job of protecting her. IMG_1360

I observed a couple of students throwing a frisbee for a few minutes. To be honest they were not very good. The frisbee hit the ground 7 times and every time it fell it rolled on its side until gravity and friction brought it to a stop. On the other side of Morgan two of my friends were skateboarding on the hard path. Though i wanted to join them, I was content with leaning on my tree and talking to my girlfriend about what we wanted to eat for dinner.


The sky was the best part of my day. Though my sight was slightly visioned by my trees elegant leaves and branches, the open blue made a perfect background. I counted three small puffy clouds in the sky, each shaped very different from each other. The sun was in the center of it all and warmed Carlisle when it should of been colder. Isa and I started to throw my trees leaves up in the air and though they flew up fast, they glided down very slowly (similar to the frisbee). All in all, it was a great day and my tree could not of been a better place to sit under.

Leaves have started to fall

Leaves have started to fall

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