Use-value of KD

KD’s use value is dependent on perspective. At an individual perspective, or my perspective, KD on a daily basis does not satisfy much of my human want. I go about my day-to-day life without thinking much about her. As I hustle and bustle around campus, KD does not necessarily satisfy my daily wants. However, without even thinking about it, KD is contributing to the air I take in, as she emits oxygen that I can breathe in.


To the local environment that KD exists in, which would immediately be Stern and the Academic Quad at Dickinson College, KD satisfies several wants. First and foremost, KD satisfies the aesthetically pleasing look that Dickinson College strives for. She adds a look that is pleasing to the eye, especially when her leaves are in full bloom. The other want that KD fulfils in her immediate local environment is her contribution to the other living things around her, especially to small animals. Whether it’s squirrels, small birds, or insects, these creatures make use of KIMG_2723D on a daily basis.

To the global ecosystem, KD is just one tree. However, she is very important and satisfies several wants on a global-scale, as she is a specific type of tree that contributes a certain element to the world that not every tree can. KD is a Kousa Dogwood, and probably one of the only ones in Carlisle, PA. This means that she is representing her species here in Carlisle, while maintaining her reputation around the world. In this ecosystem, KD is constantly giving back to the environment. She is contributing to the lives of other living things around her.

KD satisfies several wants all of the time, but never really expects anything in return. One day, KD may be tired from giving and giving, and could break down because it is just too much for her to handle. The good news is for KD, though, that the facilities staff here at Dickinson is dedicated to taking care of her and will do all they can to make sure that KD is in pristine condition. If only more of us students would take the time to consider the well-being of the trees we are surrounded by on campus…

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