I Hate Rain

…but Kylander doesn’t.  Nope, on a day that I would much rather do all my work curled up in bed (or at least attempt to do so), I remember that I’d agreed to spend half an hour with Kylander.  I can’t say any of my friends, tree or not, are important enough for me to want to go out in not just any rainstorm, but a cold one.  At least in the summer when it rains, your fingers don’t feel continuously numb and you don’t have to wear not just a rain jacket, but a full out winter coat as well as carry an umbrella, unless you love it when your backpack and all of its contents get soaked.  Besides, it’s just another reminder that it should be snowing right now:  the snow doesn’t soak your gloves, and it could lead to class being cancelled.  Kylander hates the snow; it gets all up in his branches and creates quite the heavy load to have to carry all day every day.  But for me, his beloved rain is just another reminder that this winter is too mediocre to even let me make a snowman in my backyard.

As much as I say that I’ll miss Pennsylvania snows when I go to Copenhagen next semester, it really doesn’t even snow that often here.  Most of the time, it just rains some more during the barely-too-warm for snow evenings and then that freezes over into ice overnight, adding onto the annoyances of rain.  But at least ice would be enough of an excuse to stay in my house with hot coffee as well.  On this day, I walk out my side door and don’t even think about riding my bike:  it’s locked up at the gym from when I stupidly decided it was okay to ride over and ended up with embarrassingly wet shorts.  Even if I could miraculously avoid that, having bitter wind blowing in my face as I ride just worsens the effect of the raindrops.

“I thought that trees were supposed to protect from raindrops,” I think to myself as I head over to see Kylander.  But no, I seem to get soaked the most when I walk under tall trees, as the rain that gathers in the leaves all slides down at once.  At Kylander’s spot, there isn’t any sort of better protection from the rain.  The side of admissions is too narrow and not close enough.  Kylander appreciates the rain much more than I do, even if it means I can’t take his photo this week due to not wanting to risk ruining my phone.  It means a long awaited drink that we humans have the luxury of taking every time we turn on the tap, fewer squirrels nibbling at his branches, and simply something more interesting that yet another partly cloudy day.  Without the rainy days, none of us could appreciate the nice ones as much.  Everything around Kylander is moist, and there isn’t enough room to sit under him (far enough of course so that nothing is dripping from the branches onto me).  However, when I am not in a rush to get anywhere and able to put my hands in my pockets consistently so that my gloves don’t get soaked, the rain isn’t as bad.  Not ideal or even okay, but not the worst thing to ever happen.

a nicer day

a nicer day

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