Golden Leaves

On Friday when I walked by my tree, all of the leaves were still mostly green, as I talked about in my last post, when I saw my tree again on Monday, all of the leaves where changed. It seems as if, over a fourth eight hour period, all of the leaves on my tree, when from a grey green with tints of purple, to a vibrant orange and yellow gold. The tree was the color of fire. Upon closer examination, all of the leaves had lost their waxy coats. All of the leaves had become thinner, and almost less alive in feel. This lack of life in feeling was made up for in the color of the tree, the leaves were so bright, and one couldn’t help but feel as if the tree was bursting with life and energy. All of the other trees on the academic quad’s leaves, had change to yellow or red already, many were turning brown and at this point had already fallen. This made my tree stand out even more. Her leaves were so bright, the colors were especially juxtaposed against the grey rainy sky. Next I went under the canopy of my tree and looked up, the leaves, seemed to sag a bit, they had lost the stiff or frim appearance. All around the quad you could now see winter coming. Before you could see fall, but as squirrels ran around franticly, and other trees become more and more dead looing, I knew winter was approaching. After further investigation, from the internet, European beech trees are originally from central and norther Europe. The climate in similar here three. The trees are developed to change in four season, just like we have here. The tree seems to survive very well here, and change with appropriate sessions, even if, sandy was a little behind, her Dickinson tree counter parts on the quad.

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