Throughout the last four months, i have had the privilege to come in contact with Albert. Albert has been there with me through it all, from getting into my abroad program to my lows of  when i was missing home a little extra that day.  Albert  has been a driving force in my development throughout my semester as someone that has always been there for me. Throughout  my collegiate career i have found that you need someone who is constantly there to motivate you and support you; that is exactly what Albert does for me and if you let him he can do that for you as well. Albert is a kind soul, whose leaves fan over you to protect from anything bad. Although he is hidden from campus as he is behind east college that is what makes him so great as he cares for others needs before his self. Being behind old west and  not where the main part of campus is also allows an outlets in which it can give you a place to hide out from everalyone when you just need to be alone. When you are with Albert you are free to say and do whatever you want as he would never judge you.  YOU WOULDN’T GET RID OF A SUPPORT SYSTEM WOULD YOU? Being part of the college atmosphere is tough but Albert makes your experience here change for the better and allow you to be who over you want to be. Albert makes any bad situation you are having turn upside down as he will crack a joke or whatever you need at that moment to make you smile. He exhume positivity and motivates it way you can only dream of.

Coffee is a very vital component of a college atmosphere. If you save Albert you would never have to buy another coffee again as you can use its beans to create coffee.  The leaves of a Kentucky Coffee tree is used as a fly poisoning limiting the amount of fly we have around campus. Overall having  keeping Albert here ion campus has nothing but possibilities to us and the environment as a whole. so once again i say to SAVE ALBERT!!!




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