63 Degrees in November

Leaves are beginning to fall off of sandy this week, but at a relatively slow rate. Other tree’s leaves litter the wide mulch circle at her base. But you can tell her leaves apart from the other tree’s leaves. The other tree’s leaves are dried and brown and crunchy. When you walk on them, they crackle beneath your feet. Sandy’s fallen leaves are still golden yellow and burnt orange. They are much thinner and less waxy then when they were green and on her branches, but they still hold much more life then do that other leaves that have gathered at the base. For early November it is alarmingly warm still. Yesterday it was almost 63 degrees during the afternoon, and although it is cold at night, it is hard to believe, at this moment, sitting under sandy in the afternoon sun shine, that the semester is drawing to a close and it will be winter soon. I remember in past years, in early November, we have already had snow, and it had been bitterly cold. Maybe this is the cause for Sandy’s late change of leaves. On her truck, in the deeper of the two cracks, a spider is building its web.  She is not there right now, but the web looks to be in progress. Sandy overall has lost about 20-40% of the leaves. At this point all leaves left on the tree have changed colors. Some have even turned slightly brown but are still on the tree. The leaves at have fallen are not dry and crispy, they look as if they still have life, but the wind blew them off.

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