If You Love America, You Will Save Ash

“I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.” -Ash Ketchum, Pokémon Master


            A white ash tree is rooted on the corner of Morgan Field standing tall and proud. His name: Ash Ketchum, and this name is no coincidence. Before him, came a young boy with a dream, a dream to be the best, and his name was also Ash Ketchum. This Ash traveled across the land, and searched wide and far. Every challenge that came along the way he faced with courage. He had a dream to “catch ‘em all!’ and that he did. He caught all the Pokémon; he is a true hero among men.

Ash Ketchum (the white ash tree) embodies what his legendary name suggests. He is the very best, like no tree ever was. He is what Charles Darwin would call, “The fittest.” He makes other trees on the block look like potted plants. To cut him down would be not only a tragedy, but also an infringement on the values upheld by the tree community at large.

Ash brings more to the community than one may know. Most famously, he and his brethren have produced the renowned Louisville Slugger bats. How admirable and selfless of Ash to consider a purpose larger than himself. Here in America baseball is like nothing else. It is the national pastime. It is a way for father’s to bond with their children over a game of catch in the back yard. It’s Babe Ruth (who did in fact use a Lousville Slugger) pointing to the bleachers in center filed with the tip of his bat moments before he blasts the ball to smithereens. It’s Dave Roberts (for all you Sox fans out there) thrusting his arms back and forth as he speeds towards second base, suddenly dipping below the fielder’s tag, as he is called safe by a fraction of a fraction of a second. It’s simply Baseball.

Babe Ruth life time batting average .342



The white ash species is waning from existence slowly and steadily. The end of the Louisville slugger era is nigh, but it is not too late. To save the entire species, ash must be saved from the blasphemous destruction of trees on Dickinson’s campus. Protect ash for his life, but also for the life of baseball.

Imagine an America without baseball. Babe Ruth would probably work at a super market, and Lou Gehrig would never have been able to spread publicity for ALS. There would be no Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, or even Tropicana Stadium! The Cubs would still never win the World Series so maybe that would stay the same however. Regardless, if Ash is chopped down, baseball will die and America will be forever ruined. If you love America, then vote to save Ash’s rights!





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