My Giving Tree

“Come, Boy, sit down. Sit down and rest.” The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

Over the course of the semester my tree has provided me with a spot to sit under and chill. There is a rock that lies right behind my tree and when Isabel has all of her leaves, the rock is protected from the sun. It has been a spot for me to relax and unwind. The tree also gives me hope. Thinking about the Hophornbeam and how they survive is amazing. They can live in arid climates on rocky hills. Unlike many other trees, mine is unselfish and takes whatever she can get. She is not the most beautiful but still thrives. She has taught me that no matter how hard life gets, one should persevere through their problems and always stay optimistic. IMG_1430


More importantly, Isabel has provided a lot to the local community. Morgan Field is know for it’s beauty and Isabel stands tall with her brothers and sisters making the quad gorgeous. Morgan Field is as much as a “College campus” as you are going to get, which attracts perspective students. Also, squirrels and birds love my tree. Throughout the semester I have seen multiple animals perch on Isabel’s branches and relax. It’s not quite supported enough for a bird to nest, but they still hang out on my tree and protect themselves from the sun’s ray’s.


Lastly my tree gives the world oxygen which is fundamental to all life. It takes in CO2 emitted by us humans and mammals and releases oxygen. It is trying it’s best to stop global warming yet so many of her relatives have been cut down that it is hard for her. The use-value of my tree extends from me as an individual all the way to whole world.

Similar to the giving tree, it gives me a spot to rest all the way to oxygen for us to breath!

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