Observation and Reflection

I sat with him for a while the other day. The days were getting a bit cooler and his leaves were just starting to change. They turn a beautify yellow in the middles of November. There was a slight breeze blowing his branches around my head. In the moment I thought about all the leaves that he would produce in his lifetime. Tulip poplars can grow to be around 300 years old. That is an unfathomable number of leaves that would grow and then fall in the same year. And how many students will he see in his lifetime? As a young tree he’s already seen thousands, walking past day after day. The insects that call his branches home are numerous too. I originally sat down right next to an anthill that was built around his trunk. The amount of things that impact this tree and the world around him is enormous. The world will grow and change and he will have the privilege of watching it.

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