Last Surviving American Sycamore

After having spent time observing and interacting with Sycamo in the academic quads, I have gained a larger perspective on how important trees like Sycamo are to sustaining a complex ecosystem. He should not be removed from Dickinson College because he provides food and shelter for many species of animals and plants. These animals were observed interacting with Sycamo on a consistent basis and proved to me why Sycamo can symbolize a parent. A parent that provides for their family no matter how bad the weather can get and hard it is to sustain life, Sycamo will always provide. He is crucial part of the ecological makeup that exists on Dickinson College.

Sycamo baring it all

Sycamo baring it all.

American Sycamores are large and tall trees that can grow up to 100 feet tall and 15 feet across. These trees provide an abundance of shade for all those interested in cooling off. Apart from that, American Sycamores like Sycamo are great for landscaping in built environments like cities, because they are resistant to pollution. Even more important, these trees are essential in preventing soil erosion from occurring at Dickinson College. We all know how important our buildings are and the last thing we would is for the soil to start eroding and affecting the foundations of these buildings. Sycamo also stands up well in inclement weather, such as high winds and hail, thus avoiding any type of damage toward students or structures.

Sycamo stands out amongst all the other trees in the academic quads due to his height and width. His large trunks stick out as if though lending a hand for birds to rest upon. He is a gentle giant that provides so much for both the environment and humans. Sycamo deserves to live on Dickinson College for his significant impact on the daily lives of animals, plants, and humans. Without an American Sycamore, we have no trees to look up to and say, “ that is one humongous beautiful tree.”

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