Erine the American Elm

As I sit under Erine the American Elm I hear the world nature built for us and I hear the world that we made for ourselves. The world of nature is peaceful. I feel the sunlight hitting my body to warm and the soft grass underneath me. I see birds flying, squirrels jumping from tree to tree as they attack each other for seeds. Male birds are calling seducing female birds with there soothing voices and the crinkling of leaves as animals step on them.

Then I hear the world we have created for ourselves. The roar of cars passing through as they try to get to work. Cars are beeping their horns because students are walking to slow as they are crossing the street as they pollute and destroy what nature has given us. Also music being blasted out of dorm rooms, ruining the beautiful sounds that nature gives us.

Our world is interfering with the nature. We see only a small scale hear, but imagine how it is like in bigger towns and cities. Erine is one of many trees that can suffer from this chaos.

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