Falling over

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On this wonderful day I chose to go and visit my old pal Earnest. The weather is extremely persistent in its efforts to catch up on all the lack of rain we have had over the past two months. As a result I am huddled between earnest and a brick wall trying to stay as dry as possible.
The surround fields have changed dramatically since my last visit. No longer is the grass a vivid green and the staunch trees standing tall and unmoving. Today the grass looks like a treacherous war field offering severe consequences to those silly enough to traverse it. While the once proud trees are now being thrown around as if a puppet master has them all on a string. The sky only seems to add to the threatening nature of my predicament. Deep blue-grey swirls combined with midnight black whirls, create an eerie environment devoid of color and light. At this time of day (approx. 4pm) and with such poor natural lighting, it is hard to distinguish tones/patterns with much detail. Not only that, but the downpour of rain has left most of his trunk a dark brown only spoiled by slight stains of a greeny-brown moss that is dotted up the full length of Earnest.
I have noticed that there are far fewer squirrels out today than were here for my last blog. However there are the brave few who have decided that their need for food is worth getting their bushy tails wet, although I might add not a single one of them went past a certain height on the trees due to the strong winds.

Today I did not see many kids walking by who looked happy. It seemed as though everyone had been ‘put out’ by this shocking thing we call rain. I heard a girl walk past saying “I wish it never rained, that would be really cool”, and similarly a male saying “Dude this rain is bulls**t, it either gets my hair wet or I have to wear a hat”.

However I found complete tranquility in the surrounding water droplets. The persistent rain created an eerie environment on Morgan field; well at least from where Earnest and myself are sitting. The air seems to be hanging around, as though the onslaught of rain water is restricting the air flow. Smells and sounds remain fairly consistent when you are sitting still. For me the most rewarding thing about the rain is the complete tranquility that is so embedded in its very nature. I often listen to rain when I am trying to sleep at night and being out by Earnest with the rain falling at my feet, allowed me to temporarily escape my physical form, either that or I fell asleep.
I watch as tiny droplets slowly make their way down Earnest’s body, as though he and gravity are fighting over which will claim the most droplets for themselves. Still focusing on water, I turn my gaze towards the concrete path laid out ahead of me. I watch as the rainwater takes on a very different form than when descending a tree trunk. I notice that the water on the footpath seems to be constantly seeking escape. While it may flow easier down the concrete form, the rainwater seems desperate in its attempts to find soil, grass, hedges.

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