Field Notes #2

Today, I wanted to go visit my tree because I wanted to see Erine on his worst days. It was a gloomy Thursday at 2:30. Before I sat down, I watched what seemed to be my tree shrugged over as it was sad. The bright yellow leaves seemed to be pointing down rather than facing up with authority. Looking at my tree made me just as sad as he looked. I wanted to clear the dark grey sky with my hand and bring the sun out. I wanted to watch him glisten in the sun and show off its beautiful qualities. Instead I wanted to grab a blanket and through it over Erine so he did not get cold.

I had to wear a rain jacket and bring a towel so I did not get wet when I sat under Erine. I felt drops of rain falling off the leaves as the hood of my rain jacket and shoulders.

Not many people were outside. They would only go outside when they wanted to eat or had to go to class. I heard people, assuming first years, complaining about the workload and classes they needed to take to fill requirements. People stared at me and were most likely wondering why I was sitting under a tree, in the rain at 2:30 in the afternoon. I could have easily cam to visit Erine. But, it was something I had to do even though I did not want too.

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