Field Notes 2: Sunny Day

As I embark on another set of field notes with Sycamo, I realize how deceptive the weather can be. One day it is bundling up weather and another it is shorts with a tank top. I’m sure Sycamo would appreciate California’s weather more than Carlisle’s. At least our warm climate won’t trick you into believing it will be a warm day, only to drop to 30 degrees in a matter of hours. I am not one to speak for Sycamo but I am sure he hears about California’s weather.


The weather has been inconsistent as of lately. Sycamo has been losing his hair (leaves) due to him stressing out about the weather. Luckily today’s weather is bearable so he won’t be losing any more hairs for now. As I sit here admiring the tree’s photosynthesizing, I notice students walk amongst these trees taking as much sun as they can before tanning is not a thing anymore.


There are quite a lot of squirrels moving about from tree to tree. Two squirrels begin to chase each other and I am amazed at how fast they can move. Seeing these squirrels chase each brings back memories of my younger days as a child.

Squirrel hiding nuts.

Squirrel hiding his nut

Some of the squirrels have begun to pack nuts into the ground. I wonder if squirrels fight over nuts because they are hiding nuts in front of each other. There has to be one squirrel that is always stealing nuts from others. I would love to see squirrels fairly punish him/her since they are law-abiding squirrels of the United States. Watching these squirrels stock up food makes me think of home and how parents are always stocking up the fridge with food. No matter what day of the week it is, my parents always had an abundance of food and various types of refreshments. Providing for your family is important and I would imagine squirrels doing the same for their young ones.


A person is approaching with what seems to be a golden retriever. The dog has no leash. Its facial expression is that of a curious dog that snoops around a lot. The woman walking the dog has a full on athletic outfit. I think she’s wearing all Nike. Nike cap, Nike shirt, Nike compression leggings and Nike running shoes! To be honest, I was surprised the dog did not have any Nike gear on. The dog roamed freely across the quads. The golden retriever began sprinting from tree to tree and returning to the owner after each tree she visited. Interestingly enough, the dog never went to far. Always stayed within close proximity to the owner. Some may say it is a well-trained dog but I would rather say that the dog loves her owner and is protective of her.

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