Field Notes #3

I feel as if this was the best time to visit my tree and I was correct. While most students went home for fall pause, I stayed because I play football. Even though I was a little disappointed I could not go home, I was happy to stay. It was a beautiful weekend. The sun was shinning and the sunshine was bouncing off Erine the American Elm tree. It seemed to be his best day he has ever had on Dickinson College campus. Since no one was on campus, I ran up to Erine and gave him a big hug! I was happy to see him.

What made this day great was the fact that there was not many students or faulty at school. It was just me, Erine, the squirrels, the birds and the a little disturbance, but not to loud of cars driving behind me. Usually I would sit under the tree for 30 minutes but this time I sat perched up on the tree for an hour. This is because I fell asleep with all the peace and quite around me. The was the best time I have ever seen and also went to visit my tree.

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