Field Notes 3: Shadows and Lights

The more time I spend with Sycamo, the more I appreciate sitting in silence. I am often lost in a world of deadlines and having time to gather myself has given me tranquility. The time spent listening, seeing, smelling and feeling this natural atmosphere, has allowed me to reflect on everything that I have done to get me to where I am today. Also, graduation is nearing.

These next 28 minutes or so will be amusing as I sit out here in the cold air. As mentioned before, I am not conditioned as a Californian to withstand such cold weather, so this feels like an expedition across the Antarctic chills of Carlisle. Luckily there isn’t much wind. Maybe a gentle breeze here and there.

I see shadowy figures climbing up and down trees. I hear the sound of a bird calling out to his fellow bird friends. I wonder if when they chirp at each other, they are holding conversation or warning each other of the changes in weather and humans roaming below. It’s amazing how the night consumes the naturalness of this area. Everything that was once bright is now engulfed by shadows. Luckily, the lamp across from Sycamo guides those walking through the academic quads. Also, the lights of Carlisle are still visible behind the darkness that sits between Carlisle and where I sit. The doors to Bosler have been opening and shutting multiple times.

Lamppost near Sycamo

Lamppost near Sycamo

Light emitted from the lamppost seems to be a bit orange/yellow tonight. As I am looking at the lamppost I hear a subtle movement in the grass in front of me. I stand up to see what it is and I realize it is a rabbit as it scurries away and halts completely to see if I am chasing after him/her. These animals must have some of the most powerful legs to be able to accelerate so quickly at any given moment. Nature is beautiful.

This gentle breeze feels great on a chilly night. I notice that I often lose myself staring blankly into the shadows.

Listening to the breeze pass through as it lightly rustles leaves and cut through trees. Sycamo stands their tall and strong. He reminds me of a leader, a leader of trees. His branches are high up and any squirrels that can reach it and live there, are in my opinion, considered the elite squirrels. His presence is felt at night as everything surrounding it, is swallowed by it.


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