Give and Take

Use-Value or “anything that satisfies a human want” (The Marxist Glossary) are things that often come at a cost, the cost could be emotional, environmental, social, or self-harming. Things, that humans want, in our day and age, almost never are cost free. To focus on the want that directly impacts the environment, to bluntly, people take, more then they need, and then leave, leave harmful products to pollute and harm environment. Use- value, with in the environmental give and take, can be look at on many different levels, self, group, community, sociality. We, people, as beings, to survive, must take. Whereas trees, take and give back naturally. They don’t need to think about how they give back to the earth, where was with humans, it’s a process. Myself, as an induvial, must think about how I can give back to the earth and make and choice to do so, but I always take. Sandy, absorbs the CO2 that my car puts out, she provided shade for me, when I was writing my early blog posts in the heat of September. She provided color on the quad long after all the other trees changed, giving hope of fall staying forever. She lives without taking. Only giving. Much like the tree, the children’s book the giving tree. I have never given sandy anything, just like the boy in the book, he takes takes takes until all that’s left is a stump. Although I have not taken anything form sandy directly, her being, can be used as a metaphor for all of the other trees I have taken form. As a campus, we can be looked at similarly. But a little less aware. When we, as students, walk around campus, we throw trash on the ground. Plastic, relies toxic chemicals, which seeps in to the soil and hurt trees like sandy. We take life. We have readings as college students. We print out readings, papers, articles, and projects every day, on trees. We take to satisfy a want, not a need. We, as a society, take from the environment, water, natural composting items, sunlight (smog…). When you reflect on it, how can we expect trees like Sandy to grow? To thrive? And to provide, if we don’t give back. We take, for use-value, unfortunately that’s ingrained in our culture, I can’t society see that changing any time soon, but we don’t balance the take, with the right kind of give.

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