We are not exempt


The Human Exemptionalism Paradigm (HEP) is the set of principles surrounding the idea that the human race is separated from the environment, and that we are superior and therefore are not bounded by natural resources. This kind of thought is dangerous for the environment, humans, and Mari. This kind of thinking justifies cutting down trees with little thought to how it will affect us. We can drive two minutes down the road to our friend’s house without worrying how the pollution will affect us as a race. We believe we will adapt.

This is far from true. Humans are not exempt from their environment; the environment does have an impact on us. This is why the New Ecological Paradigm (NEP) was introduced. NEP is the set of principles surrounding the idea that humans, in fact, are influenced by the environment. The resources humans depend on are finite and limited, and if we use them all up or destroy them, the human race will not survive.

I prefer the NEP principles. I think it is important to take care of the world around us. My dad always used to say “we only have one earth, so we better take care of it.” If we don’t, the human race doesn’t have a future. We cannot afford to continue to cut down forests and pollute our water and create so much waste if we want to survive. We are a critical part of our environment, and we need to act like we care.

If if we continue to cut down trees without thinking about the consequences, we will suffer in the future. We have to save Mari and her friends in order to have a future on earth.

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