Mari Notes: Part 2

December 4th, 2015: 1:30 pm.

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It is a bright, relatively warm sunny day when I get out of class, and I decide to take advantage of the nice weather and visit Mari. I sit down on my rock and observe the curve of her branches. Now that she has lost all of her leaves, her structure is more evident. You can tell that she is pretty young because she is thin and not fully developed yet. Still, she is strong. Her bark is fairly smooth and her fuzzy bud coverings are soft.

The world around us is still. There is not much of a breeze, and there are not many students around; they are already in their next classes. The air is fresh and crisp. It is not terribly cold, but you can feel that winter is coming.

I am thankful that the sun is out. It is nice enough that I am able to go without a jacket. The sun warms my back. I turn around so that it can warm my face, too


The bright, winter sun and the beautiful blue sky.

 A few cars pass by, and one student walks past me and Mari, headed to the Quarry. Other than that, though, it is quiet. I check the time on my phone and remember that today is my dad’s birthday. I make a mental note to call him later. I think about how old he is, which makes me think about Mari’s age. She is still just a treeling, over four times younger than my dad. I think about the lifetime of a tree and how many generations Mari is going to watch walk up and down the steps of Old West.

I take one last deep breath of fresh air and pack up my things to go do some homework before my next engagement. I touch one of Mari’s fuzzy bud coverings, say goodbye to her, and head off.

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