Mari’s Value

Mari has a lot of value to the world around her. In the spring, she blooms beautiful yellow flowers that look like butterflies sitting on her branches. These flowers are pollinated by beetles, bees, and other insects. They provide food to the insects that pollinate them.

The flowers also produce a sweet aroma that is pleasant to humans. The bright yellow petals add color to the landscape and are appealing to the eye. Her yellow flowers brighten up the area by the Quarry which is mostly green. She adds character.



Mari blossoms in late winter/early spring, which means she is some of the first color to appear after winter. This is especially useful to people like me that can get really depressed in the winter. Seeing the first bits of color after a long winter gives me hope and reminds me that spring is coming soon, bringing warm weather with it.

Mari adds a lot to the world around her. She is a source of food, life, and hope.

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