Save KD

KD is the most important tree at Dickinson, that is for sure. I didn’t know it either at the beginning of the semester, but she is for sure a crucial part of this campus and needs to be saved

She needs to be saved for more reasons than just our personal connection. As I enter and exit Stern every Tuesday and Thursday morning, I am greeted by this small but important tree and reminded constantly of how closely she is connected with the beautiful scenery that makes Stern so special, and all of the small animals that depend on her. Although she isn’t the youngest tree out there, she is still in the middle of her life and deserves to live the rest of it to the fullest. Her historic value is important to Dickinson because she has been around longer than other trees on the Quad, and therefore has more sentimental value than others do. More people are likely to connect to KD because of the amount of time she has been around.IMG_2735

Although her leaves have fallen, and she looks quite bare and cold, it is important to remember how beautiful and lively she is when in full bloom. She adds hope and fresh air to an area of the Dickinson academic quad that needs it the most. When in full bloom, she is the positivity that this campus needs. When in full bloom, she looks snow-capped, making her one of Dickinson’s most unique trees. As spring turns to summer, she is as green as can be. She is truly the best of both worlds, as she represents all different types of beauty that a tree could possibly offer.

IMG_2722.JPGKD, a Kousa Dogwood tree, is native to Asian countries. Therefore it is important that she stays where she is, left unharmed, because she is located right in front of Stern, which is home to the East Asian Studies department. Thus, KD further educates the students that walk into the building ona daily basis, creating an environment that mimics that of an Asian country. She creates a more authentic environment at Stern and supports an educational environment.


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