My tree should be saved because it is an integral part of the food chain. Squirrels and black bears rely on the Bur Oak’s massive acorns, and without them the squirrels and bears would not get fat before the winter. If the squirrels and bears can’t stock up on acorns before the winter, they will die. So cutting down my Bur Oak means you kill a bunch of squirrels and black bears as well. Deer and porcupines also rely on Bur Oaks for their twigs and leaves. We all know porcupines are an integral part of Dickinson’s campus, so don’t be a jerk and starve the baby deer anSAVE MR BURd porcupines.

Bur Oaks live to be 200-300 years old! My Bur Oak is only a couple decades old, so therefore he is just a baby and no one likes baby killers. Bur Oaks are also fire resistant. I bet no one else’s tree is fire resistant! Bur Oaks are also very drought resistant and considering the fact that we are running out of water, we need as many Bur Oaks around as possible so when all the other wimpier trees start dying, we will still have Bur Oaks to filter our polluted air. Humans can also eat acorns if they are roasted (raw acorns can tear up a human’s stomach), so when humans start running out of food, we can also eat from the Bur Oak. So pretty much Bur Oaks will solve all of our problems.

The moral of the story is that if you cut down my Bur Oak, you will be forever haunted by starving squirrels, black bears, porcupines, and deer, and we will run out of trees as we run out of water. If you cut down Bur Oaks, all the other trees will die and therefore our air will get more and more polluted, which will eventually lead to the deaths of almost all the species on this planeSAVE MR BURt.


SAVE MR. BUR!!!!!!

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