Save Sandy


Sandy, a majestic, European beech tree, which thrives on the Dickinson’s academic quad, has the right to be saved. She is an active, and important member of the Dickinson family, her large size, low hanging branches and wide mulch circle provide shade in the spring, summer, and fall for members on the Dickinson community. She is not native to area, but she has adjusted so well. She can be used as a metaphor for immigration, assimilation, and diversity. She services so many purposes on campus it would a crime against the student body to cut her down. And even if you did cut her down, you would get much use out of her. Beech wood is relatively soft, and not great for building, it does not weather well, and can’t be used for anything outside. There are so many better kinds of wood to build with. Sandy, is liked by the student body, she would not be valuable cut down, she would be costly to remove because else is so big and she creates no harm. She is far from the side walk, her roots won’t disturb any man made structures that could coat the school money. It would be counter productive to cut Sandy down.

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