Saving Mari

Mariposa is a lot like a service puppy in training. She is young (only about ten years old- just about the age of a puppy if you compare the lifespan of a tree to the lifespan of a dog), and she has a lot of growing left to do. Her fuzzy bud coverings are as soft as a puppy’s fur, and Mother Nature must nourish her so she can grow, much like a puppy needs nourishment from its mother.

image  12349632_10203497871926662_148115650_o

She is important to the environment around her. She provides food, life, and color to the world. Service dogs touch the lives of many: their raisers, trainers, and eventually their partner. They changes lives.

image  image

Mari is far too young to die now. She has so much growing to still do, and she has a lot to offer the world. Save Mari, because you wouldn’t kill a puppy, would you?

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