Scientific Thinking

The best way for me to relax and ponder about life or as college students would say “get my life together” is to sit in grass, shaded by an American Elm tree (Erine) while I use him as a back rest. The light grey with deep furrows of the bark on the tree is used as a back rub as the small canopy covering just enough of my body so I comfortable.

Erine does not have many friends and she stands solo off to the left of the Morgan dorm. No one bothers him, but I think he enjoys his peace and quiet. But soon he will be part of the popular crowd. He is like wine; he will get better with age. As he grows, he will start to droop over and have his leaves cover many people while they ponder about life. His bright, oval, smooth leaves will bring happiness as it does to me as they feel the bottom of the leaf fall into their hands(the top of the leaf is not as soft). Soon the fearless squirrels and birds will chase the sweet seeds that fall off Erine.

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