The Birth of Erine the American Elm

I will never forget the day my tree Erine (American Elm) and I met. It was September 7, 2015 around 1:45. The class was taking a tour with a Dickinson grounds keeper when little Erine caught my eye. He was standing up tall, proudly but alone. He was only a baby and I knew that I had to look after him. Erine the American Elm grows best in full sun to part shade with moist well grained soils. But if the conditions are not the best for good ole Erine, he adapts to adverse soil conditions. The growth rate will start off moderate for the first 10 years but the growing process will soon quicken up so he can reach up to 125 feet tall and have a width of about 100 feet..He was only about 8 years old and has not seen or met many people. Many students pass him while they walk into there dorms in Morgan field. I have seen people sitting under him on a hot day either reading and doing work or closing there eyes to relax. People do not even acknowledge him. These people do not know what I know about Erine the American Elm. Even though he has only been on Dickinson College campus for 8 years, he still has seen about 5,000 students through out his life here. Humble student athlete All-Americans or all sports, brilliant future CEO’s/CFO’S, caring environmentalist, and overall great Dickinsonians.He was alive to witness his natives sports teams win football’s Super Bowl, hockey’s Stanley Cup and the Baseball World Series. He was alive for death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson and had the honor to hear his music as students walked by radio stations only played his music for three weeks straight. He observed the first black president to take office.

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