Human exceptionalism paradigm vs new ecological paradigm

Human exceptionalism paradigm vs new ecological paradigm. The new ecological paradigm makes more sense when thinking about Rosie, my tree. The human exceptionalism paradigm is interesting to think about in regards to my tree though because I am looking at myself and removing myself from any negative repercussions or any consequences that I may have caused as a human because I am making an exception of myself. This blog falls into the HEP because I am claiming something in nature as “my own” and “my tree” when really I have no bearings to it besides that Mark Scott the Dickinson College Arborist assigned me the tree.

But the new ecological paradigm discusses how ecological laws cannot be repealed even while analyzing the inventiveness of human beings as a species. These paradigms are two ways to look at the interactions of human and nature in society as a whole.


The featured image shows the direct interaction of human beings and the environment, that we can coexist so closely with one another but the question is, can we really? Most activists and environmentalists are leaning towards “no, not with the way humans act”, we will not have a planet much longer.

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