Save Rosie

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 6.17.51 PM10 Reasons on Why YOU Should Save Rosie:

  1. She is beautiful
  2. No, it is not always about looks, but she really is beautiful
  3. About 700 students each year live with her on the field and pass her everyday, removing her presence would be detrimental
  4. Burt and Ernie the squirrel lovers live there, would not want to tear the family apart, she is shelter to many animals, small and large, and she provides shade for other
  5. She is the embodiment of community — people climb her, play frisbee around her
  6. She is not a tree that has super special purpose after being cut down, so let her live
  7. Students would need to go to the counseling center to cope with the loss
  8. She does a fantastic job of pollination during the spring seasons, helping to conduct everyday important aspects of natural processes
  9. Her name is Rosie, but she has no roses, so it is funny…
  10. She is beautiful and she really is mine, I would be very sad

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