IMG_9287“Use-value” by Gould in The Marxist Glossary as “anything that satisfies a human want” (1943: 96). The value of my tree alternates dependent on what direction you are looking at her from.

My perspective: is that we now have a relationship, I can look at Morgan Field and feel connected to something in nature and it is not forced at all, the relationship developed over time.

When I was having a terrible day it would be really nice to go outside for even 5 minutes and sit with my tree, something that I made a name and character for, something that cannot say anything to me, but I imagine what it would be saying if it could speak.

Local Environment: she provides shade for students during hot summer months, she brings a beautiful dynamic to the Quad and incorporating surrounding trees.

She provides a home for many squirrels and birds and she has large branches for young children to climb on.

Campus: to the campus she is just another tree, but when people take the time to appreciate nature and look into why things are beautiful and how pieces of nature all play together, they will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Global Ecosystem: she is a Shumard Oak and although there is no specific use for her once torn down, she is everywhere across America, I have one down the street from me in my neighbor’s yard.

The World: there needs to be no other explanation to how a tree affects the world besides the fact that it is a tree, it supports us living and gives us oxygen so we can survive. Unfortunately the human want is lumber and paper and objects that require tearing my tree down, but these are not worth taking away the life of my beautiful tree.

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