Erine for President

Erine the American Elm tree needs to be saved! Dutch Elm Disease already killed off many other American Elm and Elm trees already are died off. When it is chopped down and dies, it has many valuable uses for it. The wood of Erine could be used for plywood, flooring, railroad ties, and pulp. It was used in shipbuilding and for farm implements, as well. Native Americans used various parts of elm for the treatment of numerous ailments and diseases ranging from broken bones and gunshot wounds to diarrhea and coughs. It is also the state tree for Massachusetts and North Dakota. It is also made for the manufacturing of coffins.


Erine is valuable

Personally, the use-value of Erine the American Elm tree is just looking at his beauty. Also what is in store for him gives me hope. He will grow up to 120 feet tall and live up to 300 years old. Also it could be home to many animals and feed a lot of them too. When it is chopped down and dies, it has many valuable uses for it. The wood of Erine is used for plywood, flooring, railroad ties, and pulp. Erine is one of many of the graceful trees that fill northeastern states and also Pennsylvania and Illinois. I do not want my tree to be taking advantage of. I want him to live out his life to the fullest before someone sentences him to the chair.

Free Erine

The HEP theory claims that humans are such a uniquely superior species that they are exempt from environmental forces. As my tree would grow, it would later be cut down for other economical purposes. Any limitation that nature brings onto humans, they can just surpass it by thinking of a clever way to get around the issue by harming the environment. As for the NEP theory, it recognizes the innovative capacity of human, but says that humans are still ecologically interdependent as with other species. It also notes the power of social forces but does not profess social determinism. Instead, humans are impacted by the cause, effect and feedback loops of ecosystems. I agree with the NEP theory. The environment can change human’s everyday life. It can change how we live and operate.

Field Notes #3

I feel as if this was the best time to visit my tree and I was correct. While most students went home for fall pause, I stayed because I play football. Even though I was a little disappointed I could not go home, I was happy to stay. It was a beautiful weekend. The sun was shinning and the sunshine was bouncing off Erine the American Elm tree. It seemed to be his best day he has ever had on Dickinson College campus. Since no one was on campus, I ran up to Erine and gave him a big hug! I was happy to see him.

What made this day great was the fact that there was not many students or faulty at school. It was just me, Erine, the squirrels, the birds and the a little disturbance, but not to loud of cars driving behind me. Usually I would sit under the tree for 30 minutes but this time I sat perched up on the tree for an hour. This is because I fell asleep with all the peace and quite around me. The was the best time I have ever seen and also went to visit my tree.

Field Notes #2

Today, I wanted to go visit my tree because I wanted to see Erine on his worst days. It was a gloomy Thursday at 2:30. Before I sat down, I watched what seemed to be my tree shrugged over as it was sad. The bright yellow leaves seemed to be pointing down rather than facing up with authority. Looking at my tree made me just as sad as he looked. I wanted to clear the dark grey sky with my hand and bring the sun out. I wanted to watch him glisten in the sun and show off its beautiful qualities. Instead I wanted to grab a blanket and through it over Erine so he did not get cold.

I had to wear a rain jacket and bring a towel so I did not get wet when I sat under Erine. I felt drops of rain falling off the leaves as the hood of my rain jacket and shoulders.

Not many people were outside. They would only go outside when they wanted to eat or had to go to class. I heard people, assuming first years, complaining about the workload and classes they needed to take to fill requirements. People stared at me and were most likely wondering why I was sitting under a tree, in the rain at 2:30 in the afternoon. I could have easily cam to visit Erine. But, it was something I had to do even though I did not want too.

Erine the American Elm

As I sit under Erine the American Elm I hear the world nature built for us and I hear the world that we made for ourselves. The world of nature is peaceful. I feel the sunlight hitting my body to warm and the soft grass underneath me. I see birds flying, squirrels jumping from tree to tree as they attack each other for seeds. Male birds are calling seducing female birds with there soothing voices and the crinkling of leaves as animals step on them.

Then I hear the world we have created for ourselves. The roar of cars passing through as they try to get to work. Cars are beeping their horns because students are walking to slow as they are crossing the street as they pollute and destroy what nature has given us. Also music being blasted out of dorm rooms, ruining the beautiful sounds that nature gives us.

Our world is interfering with the nature. We see only a small scale hear, but imagine how it is like in bigger towns and cities. Erine is one of many trees that can suffer from this chaos.

Scientific Thinking

The best way for me to relax and ponder about life or as college students would say “get my life together” is to sit in grass, shaded by an American Elm tree (Erine) while I use him as a back rest. The light grey with deep furrows of the bark on the tree is used as a back rub as the small canopy covering just enough of my body so I comfortable.

Erine does not have many friends and she stands solo off to the left of the Morgan dorm. No one bothers him, but I think he enjoys his peace and quiet. But soon he will be part of the popular crowd. He is like wine; he will get better with age. As he grows, he will start to droop over and have his leaves cover many people while they ponder about life. His bright, oval, smooth leaves will bring happiness as it does to me as they feel the bottom of the leaf fall into their hands(the top of the leaf is not as soft). Soon the fearless squirrels and birds will chase the sweet seeds that fall off Erine.

The Birth of Erine the American Elm

I will never forget the day my tree Erine (American Elm) and I met. It was September 7, 2015 around 1:45. The class was taking a tour with a Dickinson grounds keeper when little Erine caught my eye. He was standing up tall, proudly but alone. He was only a baby and I knew that I had to look after him. Erine the American Elm grows best in full sun to part shade with moist well grained soils. But if the conditions are not the best for good ole Erine, he adapts to adverse soil conditions. The growth rate will start off moderate for the first 10 years but the growing process will soon quicken up so he can reach up to 125 feet tall and have a width of about 100 feet..He was only about 8 years old and has not seen or met many people. Many students pass him while they walk into there dorms in Morgan field. I have seen people sitting under him on a hot day either reading and doing work or closing there eyes to relax. People do not even acknowledge him. These people do not know what I know about Erine the American Elm. Even though he has only been on Dickinson College campus for 8 years, he still has seen about 5,000 students through out his life here. Humble student athlete All-Americans or all sports, brilliant future CEO’s/CFO’S, caring environmentalist, and overall great Dickinsonians.He was alive to witness his natives sports teams win football’s Super Bowl, hockey’s Stanley Cup and the Baseball World Series. He was alive for death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson and had the honor to hear his music as students walked by radio stations only played his music for three weeks straight. He observed the first black president to take office.

American Elm blog post 1

When I think of trees, I think of a plant that allows humans to breathe fresh air. Without trees we wouldn’t beer here. Trees supply fruits and change during seasons. They are green during the Summer, bright orange yellow and red during Autumn, white with snow during the Winter and blooming during the Spring. Trees are something pretty to look at when you are day dreaming in class and sitting under while reading a book. Trees are used to build shelter for us to live in. They also allow us to write endless notes for a final test. In many ways, we take advantage of trees. Worldwide, people need to start appreciating what they do for us. In the book, “The Giving Tree” we see this in many ways. As the boy was young, we made a crown with the tree’s leaves, climbed her trunk, swung from her branches, ate apples under the tree and then fell asleep in her shade. But as he got older he took advantage of her. She gave him apples to sell so he could have money. The boy took her branches to build a house. Then her trunk that he used to climb to build a boat. When he was an old man, and came back to the tree, she says “I have nothing to give you.” He took advantage of her and did not realize that he harmed her. Even when she had nothing, she gave him a place to sit and rest. We see a similar idea in “The Lorax”. The main difference was that not only did he destroy the trees for his own pleasure, but he ruins lives for the animals that lives there. He destroyed their habitat and did not realize when he had done until they were all gone. When he saw the smog in the air, the dirty water, and the sound as the last Truffula tree was chopped down. Nature will be peoples home forever unless we stay on the same path we are on. We need to be more sustainable as a whole. We are the Once-ler and we need to make sure we don’t destroy  our environment  and find ourselves in the environment at the end of “The Lorax” and “The Giving Tree.