Throughout the last four months, i have had the privilege to come in contact with Albert. Albert has been there with me through it all, from getting into my abroad program to my lows of  when i was missing home a little extra that day.  Albert  has been a driving force in my development throughout my semester as someone that has always been there for me. Throughout  my collegiate career i have found that you need someone who is constantly there to motivate you and support you; that is exactly what Albert does for me and if you let him he can do that for you as well. Albert is a kind soul, whose leaves fan over you to protect from anything bad. Although he is hidden from campus as he is behind east college that is what makes him so great as he cares for others needs before his self. Being behind old west and  not where the main part of campus is also allows an outlets in which it can give you a place to hide out from everalyone when you just need to be alone. When you are with Albert you are free to say and do whatever you want as he would never judge you.  YOU WOULDN’T GET RID OF A SUPPORT SYSTEM WOULD YOU? Being part of the college atmosphere is tough but Albert makes your experience here change for the better and allow you to be who over you want to be. Albert makes any bad situation you are having turn upside down as he will crack a joke or whatever you need at that moment to make you smile. He exhume positivity and motivates it way you can only dream of.

Coffee is a very vital component of a college atmosphere. If you save Albert you would never have to buy another coffee again as you can use its beans to create coffee.  The leaves of a Kentucky Coffee tree is used as a fly poisoning limiting the amount of fly we have around campus. Overall having  keeping Albert here ion campus has nothing but possibilities to us and the environment as a whole. so once again i say to SAVE ALBERT!!!




Albert and his “use value”

Albert to me, represent a comforting place, somewhere i can hide and separate myself from everyone on this campus. Albert is located right behind old west which is the perfect spot to hide away as students don’t normally walk back there. To me, Albert serve as a quiet place in which i know he will always be there rain or shine, day or night which is in turn how i look at his use value on a personal level. When you look at the use values of Albert with a college perspective you see Albert as just a tree that is put on this catreesmpus to sell to the prospective students. Albert is just seen as another tree in another school setting in which was put in a certain spot to create a certain image that is seen acceptable in society.For student that are actually dickinsonians then the trees on this campus are viewed as a spot to do do homework under or even a nice view to look out of inside of a class room. To look at the use value within the local environment Albert serves as a place for shade, somewhere squirrels can buried their food and just a place of nutrients for the soil under it. Although Albert is just one of the many trees in the world he serves a a big part of a small community as he provides the campus with his beautiful nature. Even though Albert cant give to everyone he contributes to the planet on different levels  whether we see it locally in small level or worldly on bigger levels within society.


signing off for now,


That HEP & NEP

Within Catton and Dunnlap article, Paradigms, Theories and the Primacy of HEP-NEP Distinctions,  talks about the difference between HEP and NEP. Throughout the article he conveys that the Human  Exemptionalism Paradigm theory tells us that humans are of a this superhuman nature compared to the environment, in which we control what the environment does for us. NEP, the New Ecological Paradigm recognizes the capacity of humans but says we are still not interdependent of  other species. This in turn shows us that although people might not believe it we are dependent of nature and the resources they provide us.

When i was with Albert the other day, i really put these finding of HEP & NEP into play as i thought about what  they really meaALn and how we see them in our everyday lives. While looking at the students on this campus, i believe that we follow this NEP paradigm in which we take and take from the environment and the resources they provide for us and not even think of the consequences of what we are doing to them. We talk all the time about how humans are superior to nature in which we control the environment which can be true to a certain extent but nature provides us with resources that we don’t even think about because it has become so natural to us. look at the buildings that we have classes in, or the rooms you sleep in, those are all made from the environment. also look at the paper we use to write notes in class; those were from a tree in which it had to be cut down in order to be made into paper. People today tend to misuse their “power” that they have an exploit the environment. the problem with this is they don’t realize how much we depend on it. This in turn makes me wonder; without these resources would humans would be able to survive, are we really superior to nature? or is it the other way around?


food and squirrels

Its a calm fall afternoon as i go to visit Albert. Tea in hand, i begin to approach Albert with a smile upon my face. I notice while approaching him that the leaves that were once a dark green have begun to fall as what was once a branches filled with leaves is now bare.   As i sit down i see what was once green grass is now covered in leaves of all different color. This made me especially happy to see as i believe fall is one of the prettiest times of the year. As i sit under Albert i notice these two squirrels from a distance fighting over something, as i put my glasses on to see what  it was, as i am blind without them i see that they seem to be fighting over some food that someonfalle dropped. I found this fight over food fascinating in which i couldn’t look away. These two squirrels must have been fighting for about ten minutes until they found me staring at them in which they both ran away leaving the food they were fighting for behind.  After watching the two squirrels fighting i sat their under Albert letting the sun reflect on my face as i tried to soak up the last of the nice days. While sitting under Albert i began to look up to the sky  as i love to observed the clouds and the different shapes they make. As i looked up, i saw this cloud that looked like a basketball in which it reminded me of Albert as he used to play. As i begin to sit up from looking at the clouds, i looked at my phone and saw that it was 1120 in which i saw people leaving the back door of East college. The students that exited the doors had smiles on their faces as the walked on by Albert and I. After the crowd of people left i began to pack up my stuffed thanked Albert and left. As i was walking i looked behind looking at Albert and how he stood their and knew he would always be there waiting for me.

That all for now,




fall days

Its a brisk 45 degree day as i sit down along side Albert. Me being from California, I was bundled up in leggings, boots, longs sleeves  and sweatshirt as i was terribly cold. You would think after 3 years i would be used to the cold weather but i am not.  I brought a blanket to sit on as i thought the ground would be cold which is was. As i set the blanket down, i notice a squirrel that was trying to hid his acorn over by Albert. As i sprawled out my blanket on the ground  he lookmytreeed at me and quickly hurried away. The squirrels on Dickinson campus are so strange and odd as normally when you walk over to them they hurry off but here they just stare at you and make you feel super uncomfortable.  Fortunately not this one, which i like so i didn’t mind him planting his acorn near Albert. As i begin to unpack my lunch from my bag, i really took in the peaceful atmosphere as no one was really outside- probably because it was so cold but thats beside the point.

As i lay on the blanket, lunch in hand i look up into the sky. I gazed upon the clouds and saw what appeared to look like a volleyball. As i saw that i smiled as i began to get excited as i am going to Boston next week to see my sister play for her senior game in College. I began to overcome with emotions as i would finally get to see my mom after not being able to see her for a couple months! while sitting their though i ponder the thought if Albert misses his family in Kentucky?

Albert sat their swaying his branches as the wind picked up at this point which i took for an indication of him trying to tell me he does miss his family. I lay there comforting Albert and knew that we could depend on each other to be the other ones family while we were here in Carlisle. As i was done with my lunch i crinkled up the bag and threw it in my backpack as their was no trash can near me. After i just sat their for a few moremeandalbert minutes taking everything and really let everything go and my mind came to ease. As i packed up, thanked Albert and started walking away i notice the squirrel again and saw that he came back to Albert. i began thinking, maybe they are friends and the Albert does to him what he does for me which is to be there to listen and allows you to escape the realities of who you actually and what you want to be. In any case, Albert the tall being he is will always be there which is always comforting to hear!



Tuesdays with Albert

Its a Tuesday morning in beautiful Carlisle. The sun is shining, people are walking to class; in a particularly slow fashion as it is the beginning of the week. I set my bag down as i sit under old Albert. Of course Albert greets me as he shades me from the sun as he always does. it is about 70 which is a beautiful day and i look up to the sky and watched the birds fly by. albert

I knew it was going to be a good day as when looking up to the sky i saw a cloud which looked like it was smiling in a way. It was about 1230 now as people we coming out of class and the mood switched from doom and gloom and and upbeat feel. This made me feel great as the energy was really making me vibe with Albert.

As I open my eyes, i grab my phone and turn on some music. i was trying to find the best music to compliment my mood and i obviously choose Jack Johnson radio which match my mood very well. the first song that came on was upside down and it was like Albert liked it too as i saw his branches swaying in the wind.

As a get up and to disembark on the rest of my day i bid Albert a farewell and tell him i see him after fall pause. When i get up and grab my bag i see that leaves are getting a bit bear and makes me excited i know fall is approaching us and that means it is almost Thanksgiving time.

well that’s all for now,


man vs nature

As i make my way down to East College and see the sun reflecting off of Albert i know its going to be a good day. I set my stuff down and there so happens to be none other then a red Adirondack  chair sitting under Albert like he knew i was coming. When i sat down i really took the nature and the surrounding that were around me and reflected on them. The chair

I really wanted Albert and I to connect on a personal level so i began to close my eyes so i can feel what he feels on a daily basis. When doing this, i felt the breeze sweeping through my body and given me somewhat of a chill but also the warmth of the sunshine that reflected down upon me which felt so good. As i sat down in the chair i saw the leaves falling as fall is approaching very quickly. Because of this, Albert leaves have turned from a dark green to a light green color signifying fall. I also hear squirrels making noises and climbing up the trunks of the trees as you can hear scratching as the make their way up their. while sitting their i begin to hear the birds chirping in the air and the grasshoppers making noises signifying night time is among us.

While i was sitting their under Albert as his branches shaded me and i relaxed i heard the crunching of leaves as students and professors were walking by. I also heard cars rev their engine as the took of at the crosswalk and the blasting of music waiting for people to cross the crosswalk. I remember that these sounds were so loud that they broke my concentration and i awoke from the chair i was in to see what was going on.

These sounds different in my ability to concentrate. while i was sitting their i found the bird chirping reminded me of my best friend who is abroad, Sophie as she loves bird and listening to the different bird call so as i sat their i reminiscence on the good times we had listening to all the different types like the chickadees and all other types of birds you can think of. These sounds of natures made me feel relaxed at and peace. i felt so concentrated in the moment like Sophie was actually their listening to it with me. this was the complete opposite to the human made sounds as all i could is stop and see what was going on as it was loud and broke my concentration and focused on five different things instead being in that present moment.  While i was sitting here i think we as humans take the sounds of nature for granted as we don’t understand how much these sounds make an impact on people.


Well that it for now,


Leopold and Albert


Ever since i was little, i was always someone who had to do things by myself- mostly due to the fact that i am stubborn but that beside the point. I also was always just the type of person that wanted to get things done so i figured if i did them by myself then they  would get done on time and i knew i could completed it the way i wanted it to be presented. When i look back on it, my whole family has been the same way as we always have strived to be strong individuals who did things for ourselves which is why group projects were always a stretch for us. When reading Leopold i felt that i could really relate to him as his attention to detail made it bounce off the page and it was like you were sitting right next to him at some points.

Whenever i needed to study or just have a place where i could think i would always go to a quiet place as my mind tended to run free there. When i am in a quiet place i am allowed think openly and honestly about everything and anything. This is why when i began reading Leopold’s work i began to connect with him as i could pictured him sitting in a secluded area just writing down his detailed thoughts and make it so that it was just him and his surrounding which is what i try to do when i write.

Now that i walk by Albert, i try to connect Leopold experiences he creates while he writes and try to do the same thing as i write about Albert. To let my mind run free i choose a down time where it was a relaxed atmosphere as most people where in class or home as they were done with classes for the day. I believe this allowed me to connected more with Albert as it was mostly me and him outside on this beautiful sunny day.

As i sat down under Albert that Monday afternoon behind Old West i felt the breeze and sunshine blowing through my hair as i felt fall was among us. Albert with his branches flopping downward supplied my body with shade although not as much as before since most of the leaves were covering the floor but enough to kept me happy. As i begin to close my eyes i hear the cars in the street pass by playing music and a few students talking as i awaken as it break my concentration. When they pass i close back my eyes and i can hear the birds chirping above me and the grasshoppers making noises within the grass. As i lay there under Albert i can here the feel the wet grass beneath and the smell of it just being cut. I also sit and lay there ad smell a horrific smell coming from the East College garbage as i always smell as i walk past it everyday. The smell comes from the flowers that grow there but it has a smell of manure and trash mixed together which is sometimes unbearable.  when i finally got i up and finished with my observation i thanked Albert for his shade and  all he did and told him i would see him tomorrow. with that being said that is all for now




the happy life of Albert

The day i met Albert was the one of the best days of my life! It all started on September 12th 2015 and although i have only know him for a couple of weeks it has already seem like  i have known him for a lifetime.  Albert is an old sole who when you come into contact with he acts like he has known you for a long time. Albert tall, strong stature and the way his leaves and branches flops down to protect you resembles my grandpa and he was a strong influence in my life and was always there watching over me.


Albert, who is now about 40 has lived a great life. As a child, Albert was the youngest of two older sister; which is why i think we get along as i am the youngest as well. He and his family grew up in Kentucky. As he got older, he was always the tallest in his classes, because of this it got him interested in basketball. Eventually, Albert got a full ride to play basketball for the University of Kentucky which was always was his dream. while at college, he decided that he was interested in Biochem so he decided that he was going to major in this. During his time at college Albert was really interested in everything and anything which so times can be seen as a bad thing as he was constantly on the move and had no time to rest. One day, Albert was going into lab and because he was so tired he was really paying attention because of this it made him not see what chemicals he was mixing and caused an explosion. This unfortunately resulted in him blow out his knee creating a hole in his trunk making it so he couldn’t play basketball anymore. Although this was tough for Albert and first it made him stronger than ever.

Now, Albert currently resides in Carlisle on Dickinson’s campus right behind East College. Although Albert is not in the middle of the quads where everyone can see him he is still there and loves to listen and protect you from all the bad things you are going through. So if you ever need a place to lay your head or just someone to listen go talk to Albert he is always there to listen with no judgment

My friend Albert


September 12th was a momentous occasion as i met Albert for the first time! coming in at about 60 ft with his long trunk that stretches far as the eye can see and his branches that sway and flop down to protect and shade all those who reside under it. Albert is a Kentucky Coffee tree. Kentucky coffee trees are most native to the Midwest  and their seeds that are produced can be substituted for coffee beans hence the name Kentucky coffee tree. Albert trunk is about 3ft in diameter and they live up to 150 years of age. When you look at his bark you can tell it is a rich dark brown. the surface is scaly but has a good finishing creating his great look. As i got to know more Albert  i can tell that he loved to be around people. When you look up to him you know that he will always be there with open arms to great you with his branches that flop down so low that you can touch them. Albert has such a calming nature and when you sit under him you know he is there to listen.

me and albertAccording to Marx Scott, the Dickinson College Arborist Albert is a male in which most Kentucky coffee trees are. Albert got his name after a camper i had this summer at my job. He was tall and and very accepting of everyone who he came in contact with with and when you meet Albert that is the exact vibe you get from him. Albert is currently located in the back of East College. Unfortunately, Albert does not get many frequent visitors because of where he is located;but he loves the company of all people. If you have a free moment and just want a shady spot to lay go say hi to Albert, you will not regret it.


that is all for now!