Me, Myself and Trees

As a kid, i traveled a lot as my sister and i played on sports teams. On our way to games, I remember we would always play car games  like eye spy, the license plate game etc. in hopes to kill time as if i didn’t i would get extremely car sick (which wouldn’t be good for anyone).  Whenever we would go to a new place it would always fascinate me how the environment changed. Living in California, seeing the environment and open land was not something that you saw on a regular basis. This kind of made it tough for me to really understand how to become involved in the environment around me. This in turn made me less involved and made me take the environment for granted.

As i entered high school, i still struggled with the concept of the environment in which i lived in. Yes i would do things like recycling and adopt a spot with my school but i still didn’t fully understand how much the environment actually does for us. Through my years of high school i thought i was some type of all-star environmentalist because i wore hammy downs from my sister and carpooled (also because i didn’t have a car but that’s beside the point.) anyways it wasn’t till i took this environmental class that i started to learn what the environment does for everyone.

My next encounter with the environment wasn’t until i came to good ol’ Carlisle where i remember walking off the plane and asking my mom where are all the buildings were and why are there so many trees in which she replied sarcastically “welcome to Carlisle”  as the thought of this change made my stomach turn. When I began to leave the airport and proceeds on the highway i thought to myself i have never in my life seen so many trees and farm land spreading across for miles. It was at first unsettling but in time it has given me a greater appreciation as i get to experience the change of environment than what i am used to. Now when I go home, I am constantly reminded of the lack of appreciation we have for the environment. This makes me promise to myself that when I get older my children won’t grow up not knowing about the environment in which they live in.  Coming to Carlisle was one if the best decision i made environmentally because it has opened up my mind to so much that i would never have been exposed to and for that i am eternally grateful.



me, myself and the environment



Learning brings knowledge and knowledge bring understanding so everyone should learn! anyways Ttyl