Humble origins

This humble civil servant never asks for praise, neither recognition, never once stopping its selfless crusade to improve the quality of life for all of mother nature’s children.



For as long as I can remember trees have been an integral part of my life. Coming from a country where the effects of increasing population and industrialisation are in their infancy, means there is a lot of New Zealand that has not felt the full impact of modern society. Hence, being surrounded by trees and greenery is something I inherently feel I need. The city I grew up in is nicknamed the ‘Garden City’ due to its immense tree population. As a child I was forced to play outside a lot because my parents held off on getting a television till I was about 9 or 10. I did not understand my extreme comfort with the outdoors as a child, I just enjoyed roaming, climbing, and being close to nature. As I have gotten older and learnt more about how the biological world works, I understand why all humans are inherently drawn to the natural environment. What i have also come to learn is that some people find this urge far stronger than others.

When I was a child I definitely took trees for granted because they were always so bountiful and embedded in my everyday life. After travelling around a lot of the world, namely the U.S, and living in cities such as New York and L.A; I now see that a large portion of humanity has not, and will not, have that same privilege. To me, the imagery associated with the natural environment includes ecosystems unspoilt by human contact. Trees are at their most beautiful when they are standing together, when one tree is no more important than the next. This only happens in environments free of human touch. The reason being; that humans find some trees more aesthetically pleasing than others, so we tend to SELECT trees which suit mankind as opposed to selecting trees which serve ALL life. This is why when Central Park is deemed as nature I can’t help but scoff. Yet it constantly remains the busiest place in the city, which makes us wonder; why are people so drawn to the natural environment?




While we sleep, they provide
While we eat, they provide
While we laugh, they provide
While we cry, they provide
While we exist, they provide
While we thrive, do they survive?