My Relationship With Nature

Childhood Tree

I love nature. Growing up I always played outside, in the leaves, in the pond by my house, but mainly in the tree house that the neighbors built. I use the term “tree house” very lightly here, it was a plank of wood about 3 feet long and one foot wide, wedged between two very thick branches. This tree, which was a fundamental support for a lot of my childhood interactions and friendships, definitely helped foster the great relationship that I have with nature. After reading such books as The Lorax, and The Giving Tree whilst growing up, I understood that it was wrong to take more from the environment than we needed, it is almost impossible to live without any carbon footprint, but at a young age I realized that environmental awareness is a very important trait to embody. Just recently having read The Man Who Planted Trees for class, I understand the importance of environmentalism and activism towards working to save the environment.

I have always been a tree climber. I love to explore and I used to challenge my brother as to who could clim higher, he would naturally always win. We have a large lake by my house and if you cross it you enter into this beautiful little park with an adventurous set of woods. Next to the entry way of this “forest” there is the monstrous man-made perfect-for-sledding hill called “Dirt Mountain”. This mountain advanced my interest and desire to explore nature more, we (and by we I mean all the kids in my town) would gather and play in the fields and in the woods. I went to sleep away camp in upstate New Jersey as well where I lived in the woods for weeks on end, hiking and swimming. Adding together all the exposure to nature I had as a child, my future experiences were more drastically shaped by this past that helped me decide to take AP Environmental Science in high school and I expanded my knowledge about the technical aspects of environmental science. My choice to attend Dickinson College was also shaped by my connection to the environment, Dickinson is an incredibly sustainable college that leads in the direct of conservation and improvement of the environment.

Childhood Tree 2