My Tree and I

As most people have, I read the Lorax and the Giving Tree when I was younger, but not the man who planted trees. Of course being older and wiser these books touch me in a different way. I am glad we had a chance to revisit books such as these, although they are children’s books but they are powerful in there own way. I can remember my mother reading me both these books as a kid, but when I read them now it is completely different than when I once did. My connection with nature and trees has been long lasting connection. I have always been someone who loves to be outside and feel like I have wasted my day away, if I happen to be indoors all day. Also, being a kid I was not aloud to use the television during the day to encourage me to be outdoors, I rarely wanted to be inside anyways. Growing up, behind my house there was a open field that stretched back all the way to the tree line. Beyond the field there was miles and miles of woods. I would spend the entire day with my brother in the woods building a tree house or running around exploring. I actually had a specific tree that I visited every time I went into those woods. It was a giant maple tree that was 100 feet tall at least when I was 7 years old it seemed that big. It was great for climbing and hanging out in. It provided enough shade, but also let just enough sun in. I used this tree as my way of getting away, an area where I could just be alone and think or not think.



I grew up living in Massachusetts and I loved nothing more than snow. The snow could get up to 3 feet during some storms and I enjoyed every moment of it. I loved going into those same woods during the winter, seeing hundreds of trees covered in white snow it was a beautiful site. It sometimes made even finding my favorite tree a struggle to find in the white snow. Climbing my tree was more fun during the winter and the snow helped cushion my fall when fell. I loved seeing animals in the woods, which was rare actually. In the winter it was even easier to spot the deer in the woods and see there small foot prints in the snow. I would see at least dozen deer every time traveling into the woods.


When I was 15 years old, half of the forest behind my house was completely cut down for new houses; unfortunately the tree that I enjoyed spending time with was one of those trees. To be honest I was sad that the tree I cared for had been cut down after all these years. The population of deer has plummeted, even for the ones that did survive all their food and shelter have been cut down as well. I rarely see deer at all anymore around where I live.