Returning to Breakthrough This Summer

This is my second summer interning for Breakthrough New York as a Teaching Fellow. My job as a teaching fellow consists of teaching 2 core subject classes and 1 elective along side a co-tecaher, attending a series of meetings to help foster growth in both my professional and personal development.

This year, like last year, I am teaching 7th grade science, which is a Biology course. At first the idea of teaching a Biology course seemed crazy, but after last summer I am excited to teach it again! Teaching Biology was exciting and fun, and most of all allowed me to get creative. This summer, I am teaching the basketball elective. Ok! now that is crazy! If you know me, you know I am a clumsy person, 5’2.5”, and very uncoordinated. I do not know how I am going to pull this off. But I try to look at things positively. So here are my positives for basketball:
1) I get an extra workout in throughout the day
2) the co-teacher is one of my friends from last summer
3) the gym is basically a free sauna, which I’ve been wanting to go to
4) I going out of comfort zone by teaching this elective

Although I am trying to look at things from a positive perspective, I must admit there are some things I am nervous about. For example, this summer I have a new co-teacher. Co-teaching is something that requires a lot of coordination and communication. So I am nervous about teaching with someone new because teaching styles are different. Teaching relationships and styles can effect classroom dynamic and ultimately the whole summer.

As the summer approaches, I become less nervous and more prepared. I think it’s a good idea to jump into my internship with some goals. So here there are:

1) become grade team leader (which as of today I have accomplished)
2) be more approachable and become a resource to new teaching fellows
3) continue to work on my communication skills by being more direct about how I feel
4) use everyday as feedback to grow the next day
5) have fun!

The end of this week will mark the end of orientation. And I am more than excited to begin teaching and meeting my kids!

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