Week One of Teaching

The first week of teaching is always bittersweet. Sweet because I got to meet my students and by the end of the week build a more personal connection through “Diversity Day.” Diversity Day is a day where students and teaching fellows come together to build awareness about the diversity within our Breakthrough site. We discuss social economic status, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. through as series of activities. On Friday we did a step in activity, a privilege walk, and then broke into smaller groups.This event allowed us understand our students better and build a connection. D-day allowed the students to view us as more than teachers.

The bitter part of week one being bittersweet is that we had to make adjustments to so lessons because students reacted differently to certain lessons than I initially anticipated. Also during the first week, there was lesson where we didn’t didn’t finish on time. That made me feel like a bad teacher because I felt like I wasn’t working the clock or made the material easy to understand. At that point it would’ve been helpful to have an Instructional Coach to help us in that moment.

Although there were some obstacles and frustrations during the first week, those obstacles allowed me to work on my problem solving skills and flexibility in the work place. I am very excited for week two especially since is Spirit Week!

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