Week Two at Breakthrough

Week two of teaching at Breakthrough is one of the most funnest out of the entire summer! This is the perfect week to get to know your students styles and personalities because it’s Spirit Week!!This was also a great week for the students to get to know the kid of person I am.

Here is the Spirit Week Line up:

Monday- PJ day
Tuesday- Grade Pride
Wednesday- Wacky Wednesday
Thursday- Throwback Thursday
Friday- Spirit Olympics

PJ Day:

On Monday for Pj I wore my long flower pattern PJ. If you know me you would know that I sometimes where those pjs around Dickinson campus at night when I go to the D-Den or the Quarry. They comfy and cute! I was glad to be able to go to work dress comfortably!

Grade Pride:

For grade pride the seventh grade team decided to dress up as royalty! Although I was not dressed as comfortably as for Pj day, Grade pride day was my favorite! That day I decided to bring my crown from my QuinceaƱera. I also wore a long gown, which was supposed to be my sister’s prom dress. That day I looked so EXTRA but I loved it! I had a lot of fun and my students seemed to love it too.

Wacky Wednesday:

For Wacky Wednesday I didn’t really do anything special. To be honest that day I was running late to work and jut grab some random clothes to combine with the clothes I was already wearing. I wore different sandals and then layered up a dress and a t-shirt.

Throwback Thursday:

Throwback Thursday was a very chill day because I and a lot of people at my site had the same idea, the 90s! A lot of us already owned mom jeans. So all we needed were cool t-shirts and shoes. In 2018, mom jeans are still the way to go.

Spirit Olympics:

If I am being completely honest in this blog, which I am, I must admit that Spirit Olympics is my least favorite day of the week. Despite what I think, the students love it. And at the end of the day if they are happy I’m happy. The day of spirit olympics all the Breakthrough New York sites come together at the Armory in Washington Heights. At the armory the students play a serious of different games. I am NOT a fun killer or game HATER so that aspect of Spirit Olympics is fun. However, the worst part of the trip and the students would agree is the commute. Everyone arrives at the Bronx site then we all walk about 15-20 mins to the train and then we take one train and then transfer to another. When the event is over we do it all again. Traveling with a large group of students is very serious and a lot of hardworking because you are responsible for the lives of all the students.

Overall Spirit Week was fun and I am glad I was able to participate again this year.

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