Why I do this

Despite the unpleasant summer I had, it    will not deter my dreams of becoming a teacher. This summer was just a minor set back. I know that teaching is my passion because even though I had the worst summer of my life I still want to teach, I still want to learn, and I still want to grow. In fact after reflecting, I want to be a teacher more than ever because I know what keeps me going, I know why I do this.

The answer to why I do this is simple. I do it  for my students, my old students, my new students, and most of all my future students. If I give up after one bad summer, what kind of example would I be setting? Deep down I know this summer made me stronger. I learned that a classroom, a school, or any work environment would never be perfect. But because they are not perfect it    does not mean that I do not deserve support or that I have to put up with uncomfortable situations and degrading instances. A lot of the times this summer I felt like I couldn’t speak up about  a lot of things because I am a young professional and no one would take me seriously. However, I was wrong. Nothing should ever stop me from speaking up and demanding what I deserve. This terrible summer has taught me to respect and value myself as a professional by teaching me to speak up when I do not feel good about what’s going on around me.

Why do I teach? Why do I keep going? At this point, not only for my students, but also for myself. How can I ever advocate for my students without advocating for myself? How can students look up to me if I sometimes think my thoughts would have no value? Teaching is all about trial and error, feedback, and constant adjustments. One summer is never going to stop me from wanting to be a teacher. Instead I should look back at this summer as an error to continuously work on.

I can never stop wanting to be a teacher, I have students that will depend on me, I have students to push and inspire, and most of all I have students to learn from. Teaching is my passion and I can only hope to continue to learn and grow to bring the best me forward for  my students and for myself.

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