Next Steps…

So what now after this summer? …

Well I’m not sure yet. I am currently studying abroad in Akita Japan. But in a few months it    will be time to apply for a new summer job. I don’t think I can return to breakthrough for my own good. I love my students and they begged me to return, but I also love myself. I realized have out grown the Breakthrough summer teaching fellowship and need to find a new job that will help take my career where I need to be.

Therefore, this fall when I start looking for a new job I would need to find an organization that matches my believes and will allow me to grow everyday. This time I will learn from my mistakes and use the resources that are around me. I am planning to keep in contact with someone from Dickinson’s career center in order to make sure that what I am doing is that right fit for me. This summer I made a lot of mistakes; my biggest one being not communicating with the people who would have my back no matter what happened, the INP staff.

So in short, my next step is to have a fresh start and find a job I would love doing everyday no matter the obstacles. I need a job that fits the new stage in career and life I am in.

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