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Dining Services recently added Revolet and Anthem beverages to its offerings in the Dining Hall and retail locations.

Dickinson Dining Services is proud to announce that Revolet hydration beverages and Anthem juices of Dispenser Beverages, Inc. have been added to the growing lineup of fresh offerings in both the campus Dining Hall and retail locations.

“We are very happy to have Revolet and Anthem as a new beverage partners on campus.  We want to serve our guests food and beverages that are as natural or as healthy as we can find,” said Errol Huffman, Director of Dining Services.

Revolet and Anthem are both made with all-natural cane sugar and other natural ingredients. Eliminated is the use of high fructose corn syrup in both the water and juice products.

“Our brand has been built on eliminating high fructose corn syrup and a commitment to using clean ingredients,” Joe Reichwein, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Dispenser Beverages said.

“The product we carried before had a few short-comings such as artificial sweeteners and flavors.  After some research and testing we invited Revolet and Anthem to campus for a community sampling,” Huffman said.

In April, Dickinson students sampled both products in the Dining Hall and submitted surveys comparing current offerings to the Revolet and Anthem beverages. Students responded with a resounding “yes”, asking that the new products be brought to campus.

Revolet and Anthem products are now available in the Dining Hall and Union Station. Anthem juices will be available at Biblio Cafe when it reopens in late August.

“The products taste better and are better for you.  The dispensers are great, too.  Product comes out 20% faster and stays cold in the cabinet longer – this leads to improved quality.  And reactions from guests so far have been great,” Huffman said.

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