Streamlining Ordering For Success

AShettelBy Angela Shettel, Senior Production Manager/FSS Administrator

As one of the newer members of the Dining Services Management Team at Dickinson College, I get to work with a few select individuals that focus on keeping all of the items in stock for our culinary staff to prepare the daily meals for our students in the Dining Hall.

Over the past few months, we have made tremendous progress in moving toward our goal of having a streamlined ordering and inventory management system.  A large part of this is projecting how much food we need to prepare to ensure there is enough on our serving lines for the students, staff, faculty and other customers who visit the Dining Hall.

While we still have a long road ahead of us to make our processes seamless and even more efficient when it comes to managing the inventory and making sure the right items are in stock at the right time, it’s exciting to see the progress we’ve made so far. I’m confident we are on the right path to get us where we need to be to serve all of our customers.

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