It’s Food Show Season

TVogelBy Tim Vogel, Purchasing Assistant

My name is Tim Vogel and I’m the purchasing assistant for Dickinson College Dining Services. I’ve been with Dining Services since May 1997. I started as an assistant manager of Dining Services before transitioning to purchasing assistant in July 2015, in anticipation of my planned retirement in October 2016. I work closely with the senior production manager and the warehouse and transportation manager to ensure that all products and supplies are purchased in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Every spring brings a host of food show events that I and other members of the Dining Services team enjoy attending. These shows afford us the opportunity to explore new food and supply products for our operation. These shows are hosted by the food services providers we routinely purchase from and showcase many local and national brands.

On March 29, we’ll be attending Feeser’s Food Distributions annual show at The Pa. Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg. Feeser’s is a locally owned and operated business. I enjoy this show because it provides the opportunity to catch up with sales representatives that I have dealt with throughout my career.

Later in April, BK Specialty Foods hosts its show in Atlantic City, N.J. BK showcases its organic and grass-fed meats, specialty oils and vinegars, gluten-free, vegan and organic products at this show. Dining Services routinely purchases specialty cheeses, grains and spices from BK.

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