Welcome Amaranth Bakery

DLandisBy Derek Landis, Warehousing and Transportation Manager

My name is Derek Landis, I am the warehouse and transportation manager. I have been working at Dickinson Dining Services since May 2005. I joined the management team a month ago after serving as a storeroom clerk previously. I lead a team of two employees and between the three of us we make sure delivery trucks are received and put away in various storage areas in a timely manner while assuring product quality.

Prior to the winter break, our gluten-free supplier went out of business. We have been working to find a new supplier of products for our gluten-free customers. About a month and a half ago we discovered Amaranth Bakery in Lancaster, Pa., a specialist in gluten-free products.

Amaranth Bakery offers a variety of delicious breads, cookies, cupcakes and whoopie pies. You should be seeing Amaranth products in the Dining Hall and several of our retail locations over the next couple weeks!

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