Meal Plans and Using Up Flex Points

MHairBy Mary Hair, Office Manager

As we wind down our spring semester, I would like to take the time to speak about our meal plans, tenders and remaining balances. As the Dining Service’s Office Manager I have met many students who changed their meal plans and have not understood the particular plan they chose.

First and foremost, if you are unsure if you are on the correct meal plan and contemplating switching to one of the flex plans from the Any 20 or switching from one flex plan to another, I caution you to make sure you have all of the information to make a correct decision to switch. You may request a copy of your eating history from the ID office at any time Monday-Friday between 8:30-4:30 p.m. Once you receive your history you will need to track your meals to see if it would be in your best interest to switch plans. If you need further explanation about the meal plans, we are available to answer any question you may have regarding each plan. If you switch plans and run out of points, it can get very expensive to purchase points to finish out the semester.

Our Any 20 plan offers 20 meals anytime during the week starting with brunch on Sunday and ending late night Saturday. This plan along with the flex plans can be used at any dining service location. The flex plans offer points, dining dollars and meal plan declining balance.

Students who are on the flex plans also have the opportunity to purchase catering items throughout the semester using their points, dining dollars or meal plan declining balance. We offer a limited catering menu effective December 1 for the fall semester and April 15 for the spring semester due to the amount of business at the end of the semester. The menu is now available via our website.

Additional points can be purchased if you are on the flex plan with meal plan declining balance, dining dollars, student charge, cash, check or credit card. The cost is $75 for 25 points.

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