Picnic Season Has Arrived


By Nick Wagaman, Dining Hall Manager

With warmer weather upon us, Dickinson Dining Services is busier than ever in preparation for the numerous campus-wide picnics that are held mid-April to late-October. Every year, we look forward to improving our outdoor picnic events so that students, alumni, faculty and parents can enjoy a care-free afternoon under, hopefully, sunny skies, and walk away knowing that they are part of a tight-knit community.

What one may not realize is that taking any established food service operation on the road, whether across the street to Morgan Field, or a short walk to Biddle Field, involves a ton of logistical planning to call the day a success. From special orders placed with our vendors, hours of food prep, mapping out the layout of food serving lines, to loading trucks full of product, attention to detail and communication are key elements to bringing smiles to all that pass through our gates.

When our day at Dining Services is over, we hope that you feel the pride we take in our jobs shine through in our quality food and service. It is our guests that keep our doors open, and we strive to always remember that in our mission. Come on out and enjoy our next event. No picnic basket needed!

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